Lauren Graves is in unique company at Maryland as the only current student-athlete that hails from the state of Arkansas. The three-time all-state selection pitched her team to a state title in 2014, and will look to be a force on the mound as she begins her career in College Park.  

How was your first semester at Maryland?
My first semester at Maryland was great because I learned so many new things on and off the field. I have had a great time working with the coaches and getting to bond with a new group of girls.

What attracted you to the University of Maryland?
What attracted me to the University of Maryland was the coaching staff, the Maryland pride, and the amazing campus.

What is your favorite memory from playing softball?
My favorite memory from playing softball is pitching in the state championship game, my sophomore year, and winning.

How has it been getting to know your teammates?
My teammates are all special to me and unique in different ways. They are all amazing and I love them! They are such an amazing group of girls and I am so lucky to get the opportunity to play on the same field as them.

Are you a good cook, what’s your favorite thing to make?
Yes, I love cooking and my favorite thing to cook is chicken piccata.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?
My favorite thing about myself is my “country manners” (as my teammates would call it.)

What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
My favorite vacation was going to Iceland and Greenland with my grandmother.

If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be?
I would want an unlimited supply of coffee.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?
My favorite thing to do on my day off is take a nice long nap with my three dogs..

Favorite TV Show: Supernatural, Dexter and Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Movie: Bench Warmers

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Dessert: Key lime pie

Favorite Singer/Musical Act: Dierks Bentley

Favorite Restaurant: Subway

Favorite Book: The 5th Wave

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Place to Shop: Lululemon

Favorite Sport Besides Softball: Baseball

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